Hello folks [again..^^]

hy my blog…

nice to meet you again folks.. it’s been a long time since my last writing. i didn’t have any idea to write on. even though there are so many stories happened in me. i got married with my beloved Sapto Riptanto last February.Ā  i took long holiday travelling around java. i moved to Palangka Raya and i started working as lecturer wanna be last March. yup.. it was really much to write on here.. šŸ˜€

i decided to write again after i met Mr. Nils from Jakarta last week. he told us (me and my colleagues) to never stop writing. write about anything we know. and then published it. as long as we write we’ll also read much and improve our knowledge. he also told us to have high dream. but don’t ever forget a dream is just a dream if we never try to reach it. it reminded me about my dream to take master degree overseas. so, i have to study my english again and always search for any scholarship or short course suitable for my major, health nutrition.

actually i often see my blog just for updating wordpress instead of writing. hehehe.. šŸ˜›

ah yah… this is a picture taken at workshop where i met Mr. Nils (but no picture of Mr. Nils here.. :P)

enough for tonight.. see you soon… ^^

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