New Uniforms for Card..

It has been a long time since my last story ..
How are you out there?
I’m alright here but still missing my hometown sometimes..
Hehehe .. : P

Palangkaraya currently is full of smoke, i don’t know maybe there is fire somewhere..
This smoke makes difficult in breathing.. i suggest you to wear your masker..
Btw,  on last Thursday i and  my friends took a picture for our employees cards in Poltekkes Palangkaraya ..
We are already using the new uniforms of Health Ministry ..
I think the color is too old for me .. hufffttt…
After took photos for our employees cards, we had narcissistic fun in front of the camera ..
*thanks to Kak Daniel for taking our picture*

It’s a little bit awkward to get used to write here again ..
Actually, i really want blogging is being my routine..
writing, telling a story, uploading my latest photos.. those things aren’t difficult, are they?

Our narcissistic picture.. ^^

Jurusan Gizi


2 thoughts on “New Uniforms for Card..”

    1. kudunge wes direyen suwi iku… hahahaha…
      btw, boso inggris e acak adul cuy,,
      hufffttt… need more practices..

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